To be in a place, where one feels just a little bit more whole, a little bit more unimportant, but also quite a lot more independent. In a city of some million beating hearts, one little footstep at a time is making me feel like home. I am pretty sure I want to move back here at some point, time already running to quick ahead towards january. But time could be endless, almost. There is time for us to meet again I am sure.


Now it is time for some photos and Japanese culture again. Here are some photos from when we went with the Buddy system and the international students at my campus to Asakusa a little more than two weeks ago. This is my buddy Kobe Chan. That’s only a nick name though and her real name is Rika.



Here is a beautiful and old temple. We just walked around, admiring it and all the people, and got a fortune each. I got a pretty good one, not the best, but still not bad enough to sacrifice it in the temple and pray for a better fortune.


It is impossible not to admire this masterpiece.


We did go to calm our screaming Stomachs down at a place where they served the Japanese styled pancake Okonomiyaki. It was an amazing experience and it was just awesomely tasty. These are by the way some of the people I study with here at Rikkyo University, and some of the Japanese students. To the right we have got Kana who is my Japanese friend, and then a mix of people from France, America, Germany, Canada and so forth.


Here she is again, the little cutie! She has now died her hair purple!


One of the most amazing things in this city is the fake that nothing is emberassing, no one really cares about what you do and nothing is really werid – there has always been more weird stuff happening. So here it is a dressed up cat, and everyone wants to take a photo of it. I thought I should take a photo of them instead.


After this we all walked together towards Tokyo Sky Tree, which you can find in Asakusa. Some people argue that it is not worth going up there, but I still definitely think it was. It is not too expensive, since you only need to go to the first platform and still will have an amazing view of Tokyo. Also, this was the first time I realized how big this city actually is. There just was no end to it. Today I have been doing Izakaya with all you can eat and all you can drink with some of my classmates and the teacher of the Friday’s last course, and now need to sleep before going to Yokohama tomorrow morning.