Hi there!
It has been really quiet here lately, but I’ve had so much going on! And on top of everything I got a message from my landlord telling me that he was not allowed to rent out my apartment anymore, so I had to find a new place to stay as soon as possible! Panic!!!

But everything seems to fall into place in the end so hopefully I’m going to have more time to update here, or I am going to make time for it.

So, this is what I’ve been working on lately: Me and my friend Malin, who is also a photographer, decided to do our examination work together. We teamed up with the extremely talented Beckman’s designer, Disa Gadd, and here is the result:















As we were working on the project we realized how well we complemented each other and how well we worked as a team, so now we have decided to continue with the cooperation!

We are working on a website, but for now you can reach us on haggblom.hagglov@gmail.com if you want us to create amazing pictures

First of all, thank u so much for all your questions! <3 I’m probably going to categorise them and do several posts, so stay tuned!

I spend my Easter in Helsinki at my parents new apartment. I’m so fascinated with their new neighbourhood! So many pastell houses that my mum thinks are hideous but I kind of  like the ”kitschy vibe”.


Catching up with bestie Emilia


My best second hand treasure! cotton pink sweater for 2€! win!


…my ”everyday look”:



Have a great weekend!




Har lite små ångest över detta eftersom jag inte vet om jag kommer att få en enda fråga (haha)… men tänkte prova i alla fall. Så nu kör vi! Får jag mer än 5 så lovar jag att göra ett inlägg där jag svarar på allt ni undrar över.

Oh, och så har även jag en fråga till er: Vad är det som ni vill se på bloggen? mera vardagsbilder? inblick i min garderob? hur jag bor? mat? bara fina foton? vill ju leverera så bra och intressanta inlägg som möjligt so tell me!

puss & kram!


Hi there!

I wanted to do a Q & A, but I’m feeling a little bit anxious about it, because I’m not sure I will get any questions (haha..). So here we go!

Oh, and I have some questions for YOU. What do you want more of in my blog?every day pictures? my warderobe? my apartment? food? nice pics? I want to deliver interesting and exciting blog posts so go ahead – ask away!