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Introducing: Linn Hansson

Get to know Linn Hansson – Radar Magazine’s latest contributor. A twenty-two year-old photographer exploring the fields of fashion and …


Radar Premieres: Neeco Delaf

Soft synthesizers, jazzy vocals, sound philosophy and a teenage crush are all included in today's triple premiere. Check out the two house tracks plus video signed Neeco Delaf, first at Radar.


Pre Gagnef: Sabina Ddumba

Sabina Ddumba will enter Gagnef's very own amphitheatre tomorrow at the Swedish festival. We had a quick talk with the singer about her gig, the upcoming album – and the fact that she's a real badkruka.


Pre Gagnef: Madi Banja

We had a quick chat with Madi Banja about his upcoming gig at Gagnef (and about his and Lorentz' thing for singing about drinks).


Sounds of June

Need help updating your playlists? No worries. Radar has gathered the best Swedish sounds of the past month.


Sounds of May

Need help updating your playlists? No worries. Radar has gathered the best Swedish sounds of the past month.


Radar Premieres: World Tour

World Tour is preparing for the release of their new EP Owe You next week. But before that, we give you the premiere of Behind, the track that in a sense sets the mood for the entire EP.


Radar Mixtape: Gärigheter

Founded after a lost phone and some fries, the female collective Gärigheter, gives us this week's mixtape. With focus on the queens and warriors of hip hop the mixtape is best enjoyed when played extra loud so that you can find your inner Queen.


Radar Premieres: Wilderness

Learn how to make Thai soup in Wilderness' new video for Tomorrow Will Be Different. Radar gives you a first look at the psychedelic neon coloured recipe.


Radar Premieres: Urban Cone & Tove Lo

Not long ago we premiered the chopped up nature experience that is the lyric video for Come Back to Me. Now, after some travel and animal attacks, Urban Cone and Love Lo's song has finally gotten a proper music video.


“I was looking for an outlet that wasn’t available where I grew up”

Next week Zhala's highly anticipated album Zhala is set to be released. In 2012 she had her break through with the debut single Slipping Around and became the first artist to sign with Konichiwa Records. Radar had a chat with her about the new album, being "showy" and not having any role models.