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100Party 2015


100 SONGS have finally reached 100 single releases. Next week the record label and Radar Magazine celebrate these 100 songs with performances by Miriam Bryant, Nuoli, Nadia Nair and many more.

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Snapshot: Konstfack

The exhibition Snapshot: Konstfack is taking place at Verket, a gallery in Stockholm, during the 30th and 31th of January. …

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Sounds of January

Need help updating your playlists? No worries. Radar has gathered the best Swedish sounds from the past month.

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Under the Radar: August Landelius

Musician August Landelius recently released his single Handing Out Stones which premiered on VICE in the beginning of January. Last week he released his debut EP Float and Radar asked him som short questions.

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Ji Nilsson

3 x Ji Nilsson

Radar hung out with Ji Nilsson to see how the r&b artist and producer spends her days, working on that debut EP/album. Here's Ji showing us three of her favourite spots in Stockholm.

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Presspictures Miriam Bryant 2014, shot in Stockholm.
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Before 100 PARTY: Miriam Bryant

Radar Staff

Back in 2012 singer Miriam Bryant released her debut single Finders Keepers through 100 SONGS as their first release ever.Tomorrow she's performing live at their 100 party at Kägelbaren in Stockholm. Radar had a chance to catch up with her.

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100 SONGS is all about the singles

Johanna Gafvelin

100 SONGS has embarked on a new chapter – celebrating 100 released songs and with big plans for 2015. Radar checked in with the record company to hear more about the singles only-project.

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Radar Premieres: B/N (The Field Remix)

Johanna Gafvelin

Minimal techno maestro The Field has gotten his very first music video! Behind this visual debut is art/film/music duo B/N, who's given Axel's remix of their song My Head My Ruin a sort of "hypnotic rave scene from Virgin Suicides".

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P3 Guld through Solen’s eyes

Johanna Gafvelin

Radar asked Solen to be our correspondents at last weekend's P3 Guld awards, where they were nominated as best pop of 2014. Unfortunately the band didn't return with the prize. But they did bring back a bunch of funny pictures!

Jape- Press Photo (1)
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Under the Radar: Jape

Sofia Hassani

Yesterday Irish band Jape released their video to Seance of Light and next up on their agenda is the release of their upcoming album The Chemical Sea. Radar asked their Richie Egan some short questions.

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Radar Mixtape: AnnaMelina

Johanna Gafvelin

Next week, Radar Magazine celebrates the release of the fifth issue of Kobolt Magazine. And one of Stockholm's most interesting r&b artists – AnnaMelina – will take on the stage.

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Radar Premieres: hjälten

Sofia Hassani

Today, Radar gives you an exclusive first look at Swedish hjälten's video for the song 25 that portrays life and gives the listener a chance to create their own vision of the song's meaning.

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Radar Premieres: OLD

Johanna Gafvelin

Malmö based OLD start off 2015 with their trademark mishmash of creativity, politics, humour and pop. All neatly tied together in the video for their quirky song Dude.



Klara Andersson Åsman

On January 21st, the hybrid art project Kobolt releases it’s fifth issue of Kobolt Magazine at Lydmar Hotel. The evening’s event will promote young contemporary art and culture.

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From homeless to hyped – the story of XOV

Johanna Gafvelin

Ripped off by his friends, bankrupt and alone – that was XOV's life a few years back. Today he's a one of the most interesting new Swedish artists, with an EP just out and an amazing story to tell.

The Hanged Man
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Under the Radar: The Hanged Man

Johanna Gafvelin

The Hanged Man released one of our favorite tracks of 2014. Now, a few months after the impressive debut EP, Rebecka Rolfart took time to answer a few questions.

Death Team 5 Photo by Caty Testad
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Under the Radar: Death Team

Sofia Hassani

Last month, Swedish duo Death Team released their single Fucking Bitches in the Hood. Radar asked them some quick questions.

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2014 in 50 Songs

Radar Staff

Oriental rave, brooding melancholy and bleached pop. Here's the best sounds of Sweden 2014, wrapped up in 50 songs.

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Under the Radar: Nick Mulvey

Sofia Hassani

British singer- songwriter Nick Mulvey was recently in Sweden to preform at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Radar asked him some quick questions.

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Adi Nes at Fotografiska

Klara Andersson Åsman

The Israeli photographer Adi Nes is dealing with questions about identity in his work. On December 12th the exhibition Narratives opened at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

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Matias Aros: Fear, Sadness and Anxiety

Sofia Lindberg

Photographer Matias Aros is having his first exhibition tomorrow named Fear, Sadness and Anxiety. It is a three hour long exhibition where the main focus is being honest with your feelings without hiding it – to open up and letting go.

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Exclusive talk with Sune Rose Wagner from The Raveonettes

Yasmine Mubarak

The Raveonettes consists of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo, a duo whose vocal harmonies, sharp guitars drenched in reverb recalling 80s noise rock with a pinch of sweetness. This time with their latest album Pe’hai, we are introduced to a new side of The Raveonettes.