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Radar Portfolio: Ina Niehoff

With an eye for striking compositions and everyday curiosities, German photographer Ina Niehoff captures the traces we leave in our surroundings, as well as the beauty of nature itself.


Under the Radar: Ida Sjöstedt

Swedish fashion designer Ida Sjöstedt is known for her chic and elegant dresses. Here she shares what not to wear and what she wears herself.

Ida Redig_Pressbild3_Linus Morales

Radar Premieres: Ida Redig

Today, we give you an exclusive first look at the video accompanying Ida Redig’s latest single Show Me Now, a stripped-down yet highly expressive portrait of the Swedish pop phenomenon.


Radar Mix: Sandra Mosh

This week, DJ, producer, and radio host Sandra Mosh treats us to a soothing bathtub soundtrack, merging dub and techno with calming ambient and strokes of piano.


Radar Portfolio: Peter Hoffman

Working in a multitude of styles and expressions, Chicago photographer Peter Hoffman views his works a an attempt to reconcile being overwhelmed by both the beauty and the problems of life.


Alley Dreams

In Alley Dreams, photographer Victoria Stillwell and stylist Mattias Wennmark presents a sparkling spring shoot, featuring young and colourful street style fashion.


Under the Radar: Faråker

With his Början på slutet debut album out today, we decided to pick the brains of Swedish musician Faråker.


Nite Flights

With Nite Flights, Swedish musician Tobias Isaksson takes us on an escapist journey to outer space and back. With his debut EP out today, we met with Tobias to discuss nightly escapades and the Nordic climate.

Adrian Lux02 foto av Piper Ferguson

Adrian Lux

Swedish DJ Adrian Lux is known to deliver one hit after another. With his brand new Make Out EP out today, we caught up with him about his future goals.


Jake Bugg

We had a chat with young British talent Jake Bugg about his taste in music and plans for the future.



New Zealand pop duo Broods has made a clear mark with their hit song Bridges. We gave them a call to talk about life on tour, role models and their upcoming debut album.


Under the Radar: John Martin

Now, singer and producer John Martin takes the stage on his own with the release of his Anywhere For You debut single. Here he shares his hidden talent and what makes him laugh.

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