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Baba Stiltz

Baba Stiltz is a young creative spirit and in my own opinion, the next generation of producers. With his new album Total we are introduced to aspiring beats and sounds we never thought someone could mix together.

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Radar Mix: 1987

Swedish musician Victor Holmberg who goes by the name 1987, is releasing his new single Bomb today. He made a mix tape for Radar, listen to it and get hyped for the weekend.

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EP Release: Finess

Today Swedish rapper Jaouli "Finess" Akofely releases his debut EP Produkt av min miljö, where he has collaborated with some of Sweden's biggest rappers. Earlier this year he released his singles Avtryck/Hela livet ut and is now taking it to the next level. Radar had a chat with him about the EP and his hopes for the future.

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A quick chat with Like Swimming

Swedish trio Like Swimming was formed in 2012 and released their debut album Structures in September this year. The group consists of Claes Carlström on vocals and guitar, Ida Hedene on vocals and keys and Petter Wesslander on drums. They released their first single God Knows just last year and quickly reached an international audience. Radar had a quick chat with them before they left on their U.S. tour.

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Maya Lourenco DJ photo Izabella Englund
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Radar Mix: Maya Lourenço

Sofia Hassani

This week's mix tape is by Swedish DJ and producer Maya Lourenço who plays under he own name and under Lemieux. Allow yourself to be swept away by some of her favorite tracks this Tuesday.

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Under the Radar: Tkacuk

Yasmine Mubarak

Dennis Lundkvist, currently Berlin bound, is the mystic man behind the name Tkacuk. His latest track Borders & Land, taken from EP titled with the same name, has become a hit with its novice sound. The EP is a sequel to his debut album Dark / Light that was released earlier this year. Radar had a short chat with him about his hero and hidden talent.

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Under the Radar: Simon Emanuel

Sofia Hassani

Today Swedish rapper Simon Emanuel releases his single Mångalen, a collaboration with Min Stora Sorg. He used to go by the name Paragon and did his first performance at the age 17, and was later on nominated for his fourth album in 2012. His upcoming album Le För Kameran is set to be released on November 26th.

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Follow up on Artist OKOK

Mattias Alfborger

This friday Artist OKOK will be showcasing the art he has been producing during his stay at Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm. We asked him about his final thoughts on the project.

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Ilja Karilampi

Sonja Nettelbladt

Swedish artist Ilja Karilampi guides us to the Gothenburg neighbourhood that used to be his home for nearly two decades.

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Interview with newcomer Dotter

Sofia Hassani

Swedish Dotter recently released her debut single My Flower and has already received international attention for it. Dotter ,which means Daughter in Swedish, is really named Johanna Jansson and possesses a sound that reminds you of Abba and Lana del Rey. She has been writing and producing songs for as long as she can remember and is finally releasing her debut EP I Am Dotter this November.

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Introducing Amanda Berg

Mattias Alfborger

Introducing our latest blog attribute – Amanda Berg. A confused 25-year-old former ginger kid that's been in the digital publishing business for many years. We talked about how she got started and her sources of inspiration.

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Urban Cone about their new single Sadness Disease

Linn Wiberg

Today the electronic indie rock-band Urban Cone is releasing their new single Sadness Disease and throwing a release party tomorrow tonight at the Story Hotel in Stockholm. They showered Radar in honesty about how it really is to be in a band.

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Album release: Nico & Vinz

Sofia Hassani

Norwegian superduo Nico & Vinz just released their highly anticipated album Black Star Elephant and are now taking the world by storm. We had a chat with them about the new album, the road to success and what's next.

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Interview with Caotico

Nelly Sax

The brothers Joel and Erik Dunkels of Caotico began making music a long time ago. We talked about the love for music that makes you want to write a new song, every single day, for 40 years.

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Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

Mattias Alfborger

Starting off tomorrow, for the third year in row, Affordable Art Fair returns to Magasin 9 in Frihamnen, Stockholm. Together with over 60 swedish and international galleries the fair will be showcasing more than 5,000 art pieces.

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Under the Radar: Adrian Modiggård

Sofia Hassani

Swedish newcomer Adrian Modiggård released his debut single Om du inte vill ha mig earlier this September and is now working on his debut album. Radar asked him some quick questions.

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Radar Mix: Y+M live dj mix

Sofia Hassani

This week starts off with a new fresh mixtape by the swedish DJ duo Y+M. They're known for delivering heavy beats and enchanting melodies all over bars and clubs in Sweden.

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Unnur Ýrr Helgadóttir

Weronika Pérez Borjas

Icelandic artist Unnur Ýrr Helgadóttir tells us about her paintings inhabited by birds, vixens, sea creatures and Dalarna horses disguise.

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Radar Premieres: OKRAA Dreamachine EP

Mattias Alfborger

Radar has previously premiered the Colombian musician OKRAA's dreamy single Healing, as a part from the forthcoming EP called Dreamachine. Now the full set EP.

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Sofia Hassani

Today Swedish musician Nadya is releasing her debut single Refugee, a collaboration with producer Duvchi. With a mix of hip hop, electronic …